3 collaboration tools that enhance G Suite

These apps integrate with G Suite and help your team work together in a variety of ways, from collaborative editing to group task management.

Collaboration tools are everywhere in the business world, but if you and your co-workers use G Suite, you may want to keep your working together close to its applications. The following web apps work on their own in your browser, but they also interoperate with G Suite by Google Cloud to add collaborative features to your workflow.


Integrates with: G Suite, Drive and Hangouts Chat

For: Social Intranet

Happeo – formerly Universe – is an all-in-one digital workplace platform that enables internal communicators, IT teams and managers to engage, inform and connect with employees through unified intranet, social networking, and collaboration tools which work seamlessly with Google Suite. As a cloud-based solution with native iOS and Android mobile apps, Happeo gives users the flexibility to connect and communicate on the go, via any internet-enabled device.

Happeo enables users to set up channels from which to communicate and collaborate with employees anytime, anywhere. As an enterprise social intranet, Happeo allows users to post messages, share files, comment and like, tag users, and discuss topics from a single, centralized location. A personalized timeline ensures users only see the news and special announcements which are relevant to them. Happeo connects with Google Drive, allowing users to find, share and edit Google Drive files without leaving the Happeo platform.

Users can also create and maintain intranet pages with the help of Happeo’s simple editor. Supporting dynamic content widgets, Happeo enables users to share real-time content from their social channels, or Google Drive folders with their employees. Other features such as a visual organizational chart, up-to-date contact directory, and fully searchable profiles allow users to find and connect with the right employees. Push notifications ensure users never miss important team or company information.

Happeo supports a range of integrations designed to help users work more efficiently, including Trello, Google Drive, Calendar and Gmail, Google Analytics, and social media feeds. Google Analytics and Google Data Studio integrations enable users to gain actionable insight into workplace performance. Happeo protects the user’s business communication with Google Cloud, GDPR compliance and SSO authentication technology.


Integrates with: G Suite, Drive and Hangouts

For: Customer Relationship Management

Copper – formerly ProsperWorks – is a customer relationship management (CRM) app that integrates fully with the G Suite tools you already use to offer seamless data interchange among these applications. The Gmail integration allows you too see all contact information associated with your emails directly from your inbox. This includes the contact’s basic details such as company, job title and phone number, along with all interaction history and associated files and notes. 

Copper also allows you to manage contacts outside of Gmail giving you a comprehensive view of the customer from within the Copper app. These customer profiles are automatically populated with data crawled from the web as well as file attachments pulled from your emails. The profiles show all your interaction history, a log of your emails, and all your past and upcoming calendar events. You can also make calls directly from these profiles using an integrated Google Hangouts button.

Along with customer management, Copper also offers opportunity management. You can see a visual representation of all your opportunities through a customisable pipeline that support drag-and-drop editing. You can use custom filters to drill deeper into information and the app sends you alerts when deals seem to be going stale. Copper also offers a pipeline progression report to see how deals are progressing from week to week.

Copper offers lead management In addition to customer and opportunity management. You can import leads from any of your integrated apps and see a list of all your leads with names, company, email, phone, status, and owner. You can use this feature to assign new leads and tasks to team members. The app offers suggested actions for follow ups tasks and you can use the Google Hangout interaction to make calls to leads. Free trial!


Integrates with: G Suite, Drive and Gmail

For: Project Management

monday.com – formerly dapulse – is a multi-platform project management and collaboration tool your team will enjoy using. Centralize all communication and keep everyone engaged and focused on what matters.

monday.com lets you plan and execute in the same place – your planning should be as alive as the projects themselves. With monday.com, you plan your projects and work on them in the same place, creating real and fluid planning.

Versatile and visual, monday.com makes it easy to see in a single glance exactly where things stand. Rather than listing out tasks or to-dos, monday.com helps everyone on your team focus on the bigger picture. 

monday.com stands out because it’s easy to use, creates a visual language and is the only tool that lets you manage anything: projects, tasks, people, ad campaigns, bugs tracking, CRM, customer projects, video production, … There are probably several different hundreds ways to use it, and there are teams that use it for just about everything: from teachers planning their lessons to engineers building airplanes.

Available on all browsers, as well as on desktop for Mac and Windows and mobile apps for Android and iOS. Free 14-days trial.