Chromebooks – total cost of ownership

Tell us how many employees there are in your organization, and we’ll estimate how much a PC deployment would cost and what you could save over 3 years with Chromebooks for Work, which includes:

  • Chromebooks
  • Chrome management console
  • Support

But to give you something to bring back to your board members today. I have used a company size of 500 employees, for this example:

Purchase price

This is the cost of buying a single laptop or desktop. This calculator assumes your company replaces PCs every three years. (Source: NPD Group, Hall & Partners)

  • PC: $61,500
  • Chromebook: $24,900

Hardware maintenance

A typical warranty is 20% of the total cost of a new PC, paid upfront. This calculator assumes warranties are paid in advance to cover the replacement cost of a computer for three years. (Source: Google customer survey data.; NPD Group)

  • PC: $12,300
  • Chromebook: $9,000

IT Software & Infrastructure

This category includes software, servers, and other infrastructure for OS patches, system updates, anti-virus protection, and backups, as well as the administrative tools required to manage a single PC annually. (Source: Google customer survey data.; Microsoft Intune rate card)

  • PC: $58,500
  • Chromebook: $15,000

Management and administrative overhead

This category includes the personnel costs for distributing OS images and managing applications for one end-user’s desktop annually. (Source: Google customer survey data.)

  • PC: $343,500
  • Chromebook: $21,900

End-user Costs

This covers lost productivity due to setup, booting, system outages, troubleshooting, and ongoing fixes for one end-user and their PC annually. (Source: Google customer survey data.)

  • PC: $145,500
  • Chromebook: $36,400

3 year total cost of ownership

  • PC: $621,300
  • Chromebook: $107,200

And just like that you saved $514,100 and your IT Admin will have time to focus on more important things than software patches and tedious re-imaging and troubleshooting and he would be able to take that well deserved vacation this winter. Life made easy for everyone.


Note: Example calculation are provided for general informational purposes only, and are based on internal Google data and publicly available information.

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