How to declutter your digital life.

Whether you want to back up files, organise emails or tidy up your photo albums, there are plenty of apps to help. Here’s some handy tips to get your electronic life in order.

To-do lists and calendars

If you struggle with missing deadlines or forgetting tasks, we recommend apps such as Evernote or for taking notes and keeping lists. Evernote has features such as the Web Clipper, searching for text in images and business card scanning.

We like Google Keep for its more simplistic approach.

Inbox Zero

It’s ok to give up on the concept of having no emails in your inbox at the end of the day, because it requires a lot of time to achieve. Instead, we recommend focusing on decreasing junk email and organising emails that you want to keep.

The Gmail app is well regarded if you use G Suite, and the Outlook app for Office 365 users can sort and show only the most important emails from people you interact with most often, keeping them separate from bulk emails.

Schedule time to review your emails, for instance in the morning and at night, at the end of the day, email should be used for non-urgent activities, remember the days when you had to send everything by normal post and it took four days to get a reply?  yes the same applies to emails.

Digital maintenance and backup

Just as our physical spaces require maintenance to keep them decluttered, so do our digital spaces. Set aside time each week for filing documents, updating to-do lists, and deleting unwanted emails and duplicate photos.

If you have a busy week, just do a little more the following week. It may take longer in the beginning, but once you’ve developed a system, maintenance will be more straightforward.

You can organise documents and emails all day, but if your computer dies or is stolen or destroyed in a fire, none of that will matter. It’s critical that you back up your computer to either an external hard drive or a cloud service like Google Drive or OneDrive in Office 365.

Cloud services are increasingly preferred because they allow you to access your documents, including photos, videos and music collections, from anywhere, and syncing features can make your backup automatic.

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