The business case for the board

By now, everyone can agree that collaboration and mobility positively impact day-to-day work. But when faced with a move to cloud-based apps, your board will probably have questions about the cost, value and security of Google Apps. You need real numbers and tangible facts to make a case for Google Apps, and I have some of them here.

Affordability combined with high value

Why invest in multiple, complex systems when efficient tools, easy to manage and easy to use, are all you really need? SoftWatch’s survey recently unveiled that the average worker spends 5 minutes a day in Word, 8 minutes a day in Excel, and 2 minutes a day in PowerPoint. As companies get larger, individual usage goes down even more.

When examining the data, a clear observation is that the overall usage of the different applications is relatively low. This is extremely true with PowerPoint which is hardly being used. From our engagements with customers we have found that in most cases, the usage levels were far below what they perceived before using the service. As a general statement, these results indicate that at least 80% of Office users can move to alternative cloud based solutions.

Obviously you don’t want to pay a premium for tools people don’t need. Google Apps’ straightforward $5 or $10 per-user per-month pricing gives you access to email, file storage and sharing, video conferencing, calendars, docs and more. And Google Apps are compatible with Office files. You pay as you grow, and there’s no hardware to purchase or software to update.

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