When do you use each app in Office 365?

Office 365 consists of many apps and then some compared to its competitor G Suite whom are more streamlined and simplified. However all O365 apps are developing in their own pace to get better and better. But when do you use each app? And is it possible to integrate an app into another app ?! In this blog post we eliminate these question marks.

Firstly Bookmark or use the Office 365 Portal as the homepage so you always get your apps fast and easy – https : // portal . office . com
Your Office 365 Portal may look different and this depends on which Office 365 license you have been assigned to you.
In this post we will review some of the most commonly available apps as depending on which license you have, you might see different apps.


Or also Outlook on the Web (before also called Outlook Web Access and Outlook Web App). Here you have a webmail. Equally easy to use as old webmail but has many more features. One example is integration with Microsoft Teams, where you can quickly see all the groups you are a member of, and its conversations, files, calendar, notebook (via OneNote) or Planner, as we mention further down in this post.

You can upload documents or view files that are already uploaded. These files are saved in a SharePoint document library that can be accessed via a quick link.


Just like in the calendar function in Outlook that is installed on your computer, you will see your own calendar but can also see other people’s calendar if you need to quickly enter a meeting via the web. You can also view group calendar that you set up through Microsoft Teams.


Shows your contacts and the people you connect with the most.


Social Network for your business where all users can collaborate with each other in different groups. Many describe Yammer as Facebook for business. We engage users more with each other, and many people who grow up with social media adapt to this new way of working easier.


Forget about the home directory (H:) / (S 🙂 and dodgy VPN connections to reach your files on your server. Now you can always reach your files, from any device you want, computer, phone or tablet. All you need is an Internet connection so your files can be synchronized. Do not worry if you do not have Internet, edit your document and OneDrive will synchronize the file as soon as an Internet connection is available. Download the OneDrive app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

SharePoint Online

Create sites for your project or team to easily share information and files. Here you can also create an intranet portal to spread information and news throughout the organization. SharePoint Online is the foundation of both OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.


Organize and assign tasks to project members. Set start date, end date, update progress for your tasks, add checklist, enter a more detailed description of the task and comments. Planner can easily be integrated with Microsoft Teams as a tab in your channel.


Your digital notebook. Here you can synchronize project notebooks (via Teams), record meeting protocols for the project, create your own notes and create multiple sections. In each section, you can create multiple pages to easily sort your notes.
In OneNote you can insert pictures, excel charts, files and you can even draw if you have a screen that can handle this. You can also create different templates for your notes if your organization requires, for example, meeting protocols to look in a certain way.


Create a team for your project, add project members, start collaborating with each other, post important project documents, share calendar, create instant meetings directly in Teams via Skype for Business, and call all project members for urgent discussions. Create channel for topic, role, sub-project or just for fun, maybe an AfterWork channel. With channels, you can separate your conversations and files so that everything does not end up under one channel.
Add tabs with your favorite apps like Planner, OneNote, YouTube, PowerApps, Stream, Polly, ZenDesk, Asana, MindMeister etc..

Recently, Microsoft released the opportunity to invite external project members, guests, to teams. This is currently being rolled out to each Office 365 tenant. However, it is only possible to invite guests who have an Azure AD account. The possibilities of inviting other guests might come later from Microsoft.

And there you have it, now you know when to use what app in O365!

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